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  • 10 30    An Omen
    10 30 An Omen
    This is so rich - in color, texture, composition and especially in meaning. I appreciate your providing so much detail in your narrative - the boundaries you've described are very much worthy of co...
  • 10-30  Raven, A.K.A. Crow
    10-30 Raven, A.K.A. Crow
    I have to agree with everyone else - I love the colors! I get that you wanted more monotone and spooky but this is quite pretty!
  • 303   Raven
    303 Raven
    Great shot! Thanks for the info! Those white eyes are pretty freaky!
  • 10/30/14...Omen
    Love that you went a different direction. I couldn't think of anything but a literal raven. Love the selective color of the penny.
  • Ghostly
    Haha! Funny! It was worth the hard work and new tricks learned wasn't it? Turned out awesome!

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