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  • 10.30.2014 titmouse
    10.30.2014 titmouse
    I was thinking about your pics and wondering how much the background was going to be changing now that the fall colors are fading away. This one still has some in it thouthe past two weeks have bee...
  • Companions
    Sounds like a great group - some of the best meeting venture off track!! 
  • 11.15.14 Beauty Of Nature
    11.15.14 Beauty Of Nature
    Love this! Ehh..the thought of swallowing a tooth! Ick lol I know this milestone will be around the corner for us too.
  • day 20: Companion
    day 20: Companion
    Such a regal pose - its like he knows it all about him!! 
  • 14.10.22 20
    14.10.22 20
    Cool...It almost looks like you could be staring at the actual blinds and not a reflection

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